Our residential pressure washing

      services include:


  • Exterior house washing
    • Dryvit/EIFS/Stucco
  • No pressure roof stain removal
  • Deck washing and sealing
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Pool and deck cleaning

Residential Pressure Washing

Look at your home closely.  Do you see unsightly algae, mildew, and/or dirt buildup on its exterior?   Most homes will have mildew on the north and east sides because they are shaded from direct sunlight causing green algae or black mold.  DPW can remove this buildup from your homes exterior with our professional pressure washing services.

Don't trust your biggest investment to just anyone.  DPW specializes in exterior house washing including delicate surfaces like Dryvit/EIFS, which need special care when cleaning.   Improper pressure washing can damage your property.  High pressure, low flow pressure washers that are sold at big box stores are often not equipped properly to clean your homes exterior effectively.  If you hire someone who shows up with the same machine you can buy at your local home improvement store you may not get what you bargained for.

We use specialized truck mounted machines that are customizable to each individual project and application.  Cleaning your property does not require high pressure.  Our high flow machines combined with professional grade cleaners are used to remove the toughest dirt and grime from surfaces without high pressure.  This allows us to keep the pressure down while protecting surfaces from damage.

Your time is valuable.  Don’t waste hours out of your day using a homeowner grade pressure washer or hiring someone with the same equipment you can purchase yourself. 

Call the professionals: professional equipment, professional service, professional results. 


Pressure washing services for Little Rock, Conway, and Jonesboro areas.

Residential Pressure Washing